Open Source
Runs The World!

Open Source Runs The World!

The use of open source software is widespread everywhere in the world. Even off-planet! 🚀️

Globally, it's becoming more and more important, which results in new regulations such as EU Cyber Resilience Act to "ensure safer hardware and software" and Securing Open Source Software Act of 2022 to "improve open source security and best practices in the government" as a result of the Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

But a lot of the open source software is developed and maintained for free by people in their spare time.

Are you contributing back?

Getting involved in open source projects can be essential for their survival. And there are many ways to do it!

The best solution isn't always to "throw money at the problem", since money won't work if you don't have the time.

My company, make install AB, is a one-man code shop run by me, Jerry, who has been dabbling in open source since the 90s. As a maintainer myself, I get very excited when people contribute their time & code!

Because that means that they are investing in the future of the software.

make install can help!

So what do I do?

  • I hack for you as a consultant!

    Do you need a specific feature in an open source software? Not a problem. Let's talk and figure out how to fix it!

    Got bigger ideas? Then hire me as a contractor! Let's look over the plans together.

  • I help you give back, and I'll help you figure out how!

    Let's set up a call and see what we can work out. I do work like this pro bono at my discretion.

These are just a few things make install can help you with. Don't be afraid to reach out about anything open source software-wise!


#dnsperf v2.12.0 released!
- Fix segfault on #DoH reconnect
- New and better max QPS limiting
- New `qps_threshold_wait` option
- Fix statistics output
- Support OpenSSL 3.0+
#DNS #OpenSource

#dsc v2.14.0 released!
- new conf options to control output file access
- depend on #dnswire v0.4.0, new #DNSTAP #DoQ socket protocol
- improve DNSTAP message handling
- update builtin PSL
#DNS #monitoring #measurement #OpenSource

What's your Geofeed?

#dnsperf v2.11.2 released!
Fixed long option argument handling (again), wasn't completely fixed in v2.11.1.
#DNS #OpenSource
Surely fixed now, suuuurely! 😳️

#dnsperf v2.11.1 released!
Fixed long option argument handling that broke in v2.11.0 and enhanced long option help text, now includes argument type.
#DNS #OpenSource #AlwaysReleaseFriday 😬️

Time for another dev update!
Check out the new #DSC #Grafana dashboards, read about an issue with pcap_dispatch(), changes to #dnscap anonymization plugins and new latency histograms for #dnsperf!
Oh, and a #hackathon! 😎️ 🛥️
#DNS #OpenSource

#dnswire v0.4.0 released!
Updated `dnstap.pb` to include recently added DNS-over-QUIC (#DOQ) socket protocol.

@dnsoarc, Netnod and RIPE NCC invite you to join us for our DNS Hackathon in Rotterdam, 20 - 21 May 2023 the weekend before #RIPE86!

Apply Now!

Special thanks to our sponsors SIDN, @nlnetlabs and @iscdotorg!
#DNS #Hackathon

v2.13.2 released!
New pcap-thread v4.0.1 to fix issues with `pcap_dispatch()`, wouldn't stop processing if load was high enough
Thanks to Klaus Darilion (NIC.AT) for report and fix testing!

v2.11.0 released!
- new verbose stats during `-S`
- new latency histograms!
- tweak to long opts
- bunch of bugfixes!